Hard Drive Making a Strange Noise – Liquid Bearing Failure, or more

We all know a quiet computer is the best computer. When they make noises we’re not familiar with, we should pay attention since they are basically electronic equipment that really shouldn’t be generating loud or strange sounds. As the lifeblood of your critical data, you especially don’t want the hard drive to make chattering, grinding, and whirling noises. But to be realistic, if you don’t have the latest solid state drive (SSD) your hard drive is indeed a largely mechanical device with a motor that spins the platters and read/write heads that store and retrieve programs and data.

What is the Whirling Noise from your Hard Drive?

Construction of hard drives varies among manufacturers and models. One way that drives retain their high-speed rotation with minimal noise being generated is through the use of fluid bearings in the spindles that support the disk platters. These fluid bearings have replaced older technology ball bearings due to their attributes of being cheaper and quieter. They also tend to have longer life and less vibration than ball bearing. Unfortunately mechanical parts can wear out and when they do, your hope is that you get some type of warning before they fail completely. Such is the warning provided by whirling or whining hard drives. 

How to Resolve the Problem

Whirling noises from a hard drive raise the distinct probability of a looming failure near. Drives can be repaired or replaced, but the important step is to take quick action to avoid total failure and data loss. This level of technical skill is best left to a trained technician familiar with hard drives and their characteristics. By engaging this type of service, you can avoid the potential of significant down time and data loss.

Each manufacturer and model of hard drive has its own specifications and components, making trouble-shooting and resolution more complex than most individual computer users can efficiently pursue. This can also be dependent on your operating system and computer manufacturer, as well as the type of system you have (desktop system or laptop, for example).

Why Use Orange County Data Recovery?

Orange County Data Recovery recovers data from hard drives even if they're making strange noises. This is not a sideline business for us. It’s the service we provide to our clients in Orange County and surrounding areas. Our customers can rely on timely and reliable trouble-shooting and recovery services. If you need on-site service we can also come to you. Call Orange County Data Recovery to resolve your hard drive problems and get back to normal quickly and at a cost that fits your budget.