RAID Controller Failure

One of today’s technical solutions for storing the enormous volumes of data needed to manage businesses is RAID storage. RAID technology (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) manages data storage efficiently while retaining the necessary performance demanded by users of computer systems. These storage systems are now more reliable than ever through advances in software and hardware technology incorporated into the design of RAID drives.

RAID Storage Systems and Advantages

With this proven technology most server and computer system providers have now implemented RAID storage into their system configurations, although the methods used vary from one supplier to another, making the systems proprietary in nature. Nonetheless, computer users benefit from the implementation of RAID storage due to their high performance, fault tolerance, and cost-effectiveness.

RAID Is Not Perfect

As beneficial as RAID systems are for businesses and individual computer users the technology can still be subject to failures. They are still composed of mechanical and electronic components with the addition of software and electronic controllers that manage their operation. To further complicate the issue, each manufacturer has their own adoption of the technology including their version of the software and controllers that run the storage drives. This makes the process of recovering failed drives dependent on the actual supplier of the systems. Being complex technical devices, they are subject to several types of failure:

  • Mechanical and electronic failures from wear and physical damage
  • RAID software or controller failure
  • Human error or intentional damage (accidental deletion or formatting, or physical destruction)
  • Software Failure and Application Failures

Recovering data or even the RAID system itself will vary greatly depending on the actual cause of failure and how much damage has been done before the corruption is discovered.

Solutions for Recovery

Failures can result in substantial loss of data assets if recovery is executed incorrectly. Once a failure is detected, your best chance for data recovery is to immediately stop using the system, and consult with a respected professional with a proven track record of restoring data. It is one issue to restore hardware functionality but data recovery can be unique for each type and manufacturer of RAID drive. With the multiple versions of RAID storage systems and variations among manufacturers they are quite proprietary in nature.

Never use inexpensive commercially-available software to attempt recovering your own RAID drive systems. Such attempts greatly increase the chance for permanent data loss. It takes a great deal of technical expertise to determine the proper way to recover from each type of RAID failure. Tales of getting a hard drive to work by putting it in a freezer or striking it on the side should never be taken seriously or attempted. Leave recovery work to a professional if recovering the data is important to you.

Orange County Data Recovery – Service You Can Count On

Data recovery is what we do – the only thing we do. If you have stored data, we can recover it. We have the technicians with the experience and technical expertise needed to recover your critical data and get you back to normal operation quickly and reliably. If you cannot conveniently bring your drives to us, we’ll come to you. Call today for a quick response quote from our RAID server specialists regarding your specific recovery needs.