Laptop Spills and Liquid Damage

Laptop computers revolutionized the mobile workforce and brought flexibility to computer users everywhere. Now we can work efficiently with large amounts of data and powerful applications while away from the office, sitting on the couch at home or at the local coffee shop. Therein is the problem – with such flexibility come hazards of not only theft or dropping these somewhat fragile machines, but accidental spills that can wreak havoc on delicate electronic components, not the least of which is the hard drive.

All your precious applications and data are of course stored on these hard drives that can so quickly and suddenly be at risk of partial or total loss. There are steps that can and should be taken immediately and others to avoid.

What to Do - Quickly

If you have power on, turn it off immediately. Power and fluids do not play well together. If you have a removable battery, remove it as well. Open and dismantle any components that can be removed and dry them as much as possible with a clean dry cloth. Do not attempt to dry out the computer with a blow dryer, as that could force moisture into areas that are actually still dry.

Allow the laptop to dry fully. If you’ve spilled something of a caustic nature on the laptop, such as sugary soft drinks or sweetened tea or coffee, you can rinse such residue with clean water, and allow that to dry thoroughly. A recommended drying out period is 48-72 hours. Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to entrust the hard drive to an expert for assistance in recovering your precious data and applications. Attempts to simply turn the laptop and drive back on may result in complete loss of the drive and its contents. It’s definitely worthwhile to invest in expertise to avoid such a failure, or to help recover what you can.

Why Use Orange County Data Recovery?

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