Hard Drive Won’t Boot Up – Bad Sectors or Other Problems

Computers are wonderful technical tools – when they work. We all rely on our computers for day-to-day activities and business functions. When we start them up for use and don’t get the normal welcome screen we expect, panic may ensue. Our first attempt at resolution will typically be to turn the computer off and try again, as any electronic wizard would do, right? But when the same situation rears its head on the second try, frustration sets in.

What Next?

Don’t get too disturbed, the problem may be something that can be resolved by a knowledgeable technician. Such technical experience can be critical to restoring normal operation of your drive and computer. Possible causes of such boot failures include:

  • A damaged sector on the drive that impacts the operating system boot process
  • Corrupted master boot record (MBR) that can possibly be rebuilt by a technician
  • Damaged partition table on the drive
  • Actual physical damage

Determining what the actual cause of your drive failure may be varies, depending on the operating system you have installed on your computer. Windows systems for example may be able to use a boot recovery disk to restart the system and further diagnose the hard drive. Some Linux systems may allow you to recover functionality by using a Live disk to recover.

Diagnosing and recovering from hard drive failures requires technical knowledge and specialized skills. Incorrect handling of a hard drive or improper use of trouble-shooting techniques can result in additional damage to the drive, and total loss of data. 

Why Use Orange County Data Recovery?

Orange County Data Recovery provides our customers with timely and reliable trouble-shooting and recovery services. We can come to you, or you can bring your drive to us. We have two Orange County locations that ensure we’re convenient to you. Give us a call to resolve your hard drive problems and get back to normal quickly and cost-effectively.