Hard Drive Not Recognized – Firmware Corruption or Something Different

Let’s face it. Aside from the primary system board and processors themselves, most computers run their operating systems and applications from the hard drives housed either internally or external to the system. If the hard drives become inoperable, use of the system comes to a screeching halt. Under some circumstances your system may simply cease to recognize a hard drive, which could be either the system primary drive (which in many cases is the only drive) or a secondary drive that is not relied upon for the operation system itself.

Your System is Not Recognizing the Hard Drive – Now What?

There are multiple causes of the symptom where a drive is not recognized. One (probably the worst case scenario) is true failure of the drive itself. This is not the most likely cause, however, and most of the potential problems, if not all, are recoverable when you have the knowledge and technical ability to troubleshoot and resolve them. Some of the more common causes of a hard drive not being recognized can be:

  • Bad or loose connecting cable to the drive
  • Corrupted firmware on the hard drive
  • Malware or virus that has modified your system
  • Software that has corrupted the BIOS in your system

Recent developments in cyberattacks have shown that some sophisticated hackers have developed the capability of modifying the firmware that manufacturers utilize to operate their hard drives. This would conceivably allow them to control the data contained on the drive or disable the drive completely. It’s also quite possible that drive firmware can be corrupted through other activity on your system.

How to Resolve the Problem

There are a few basic steps such as running commercially-available anti-virus and malware removal tools against your system. Those who are comfortable with opening their systems to check physical drive connections and power sources may take that approach as well, but unless you’re reasonably technical this may lead to more problems than you started with.

If basic trouble-shooting and virus scanning don’t resolve the issue, don’t lose hope in regaining your drive and the data contained on it. There is a strong likelihood that a technician with experience with hard drives can still get yours back to normal operation on your computer. Such technical experience can be critical to restoring normal operation of your drive and computer.

Trouble-shooting and resolution steps can vary depending on your operating system and drive manufacturer, as well as the type of system you have (desktop system or laptop, for example).

Diagnosing and recovering from hard drive failures can be a complex process requiring technical knowledge and specialized skills. Unless you are extremely savvy in such technology, these activities are often best left to experienced professionals.

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