Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

Hard drives come from many manufacturers and in many models, capacities, and technologies. What they all have in common is that they essentially consist of mechanical and electronic components driven by programs known as firmware. While hard drives have become progressively more reliable over the years their very mix of mechanics and technology make them prone to various types of failures.

Most drives leave subtle clues to their looming failures, letting you know that they’re experiencing problems. These “clues” are presented in many ways:

  • Computer will not boot up
  • Boot up fails with error during process
  • Drive makes clicking or whirring sounds
  • Virus or malware has corrupted data or disk sectors
  • System reboots unexpectedly for no identifiable reason
  • Extremely slow access times
  • Computer stops recognizing the hard drive
  • Files disappear or become scrambled

Any of these scenarios is a sign that your hard drive is experiencing issues, and may be ripe for failure (or has already failed).

What Should You Do?

At the first sign of hard drive failure you need to take action to protect your critical applications and data. If the drive is making grinding or clicking noises, shut it down right away. This could be a sign of drive heads making contact with platter surfaces, causing physical damage. In less severe cases, if the drive is still functional, be sure you have backup copies of all critical software and data files. This will make you less vulnerable from any catastrophic drive failure.

Unless you’re a computer technician yourself, the best course of action will then be to seek assistance from a reputable business with expertise in hard drive recovery. This gives you assurance that your failing drive can be recovered successfully and completely with minimal disruption to your productivity.

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