Data Recovery from a Dropped External Hard Drive

We all have many gigabytes (GB) and even terabytes (TB) of personal and business data stored on our computers. As the cost of storage has gone down with new technology we retain increasing amounts of documents, pictures, and other files without the regard for space that we used to pay such close attention to. Databases, software applications, and other files also require more and more resources on our computers, making it necessary to provide space that expands to meet the needs. It seems there is no end in sight for the growth of data storage consumers and business require.

External Drives and Recovery

External hard drives have become the solution for many computer users to provide the additional capacity needed for our critical digital treasures. Today they offer attractive price/performance solutions for data storage and backup purposes. We can even automate the process of performing backups from primary computer hard drives to ensure redundancy and security. They provide the perfect solution for mass amounts of data storage.

Until Disaster Strikes

External drives are invaluable for such data storage, typically being small efficient and portable. But these very attributes expose them to potential disasters such as accidental jolts or knocks, or even drops. Dropping an external hard drive can result in significant damage to electronic components such as the read/write heads that scan the disk surfaces and process data. When these heads become mis-aligned they may make clicking or scratching sounds when the drive is powered up, or the drive may generate beeping or other alerts that indicate failures. This can also signify that heads are stuck on the disk platters, referred to as “stiction.”

What Do You Do Next?

Damaged drives that contain data and information that you truly need to recover are best put in the hands of experienced technical professionals. Improper attempts to “do it yourself” can result in permanent data loss – even total loss of all data on the drive. Your best potential in recovering all or much or your data is through utilizing specialists familiar with the technology and proper methods to recover your information.

Why Use Orange County Data Recovery?

Data recovery is what we do – the only thing we do.  Our highly-trained specialists can even perform recovery services on your site under your supervision so that you’re ensured your critical files and data never leave your facility. If you prefer, you can bring your drive to us. We have two Orange County locations that ensure we’re convenient to you. Put your valuable information in our hands and experience our quality service and support.