Customer Service

Exceptional data recovery equipment and experienced technicians isn’t all it takes to make a successful data recovery business. Our company, like any other, has to have the ability to reach out to the customers. Giving great customer service keeps the same customers coming back. It also gives them the incentive of writing good reviews and giving us referrals to their friends, family and collogues. So, what is it that makes our customer service so unique?

People Skills

Our floor staff's people skills are stellar. They are devoted to listening to the customer and find how best to meet their needs. This doesn't just take good listening skills, it takes a thorough knowledge of the industry and its practices, and it takes undivided attention to their words, body language and tone of voice.

Another key characteristic of our customer service is our ability to anticipate people’s needs. When combined with the ability to meet the need we anticipate, these skills form a smooth and positive customer experience. We try our best to greet our customers by name. A customer can rest easy knowing the people who put effort into knowing them by name are the trained professionals taking care of their precious data. If you think there is a point in which we can improve our customer experience, let us know. We want to provide the best service possible, both on the floor and in the data recovery clean room.

We also train our staff to go out of their way for the customer. It's easy to just tell customers we can recovery their data but an entirely different one to guide through the recovery process to reassure them that their crashed hard drive is in good hands. We are dedicated to data preservation as well as keeping the customer informed and satisfied that they have chosen the right company through what can be a stressful situation.


Sometimes we like giving more than just a smile to our customers. Real customer service rewards loyalty and goes that extra step to give coupons and discounts for future service. Our VIP customers also receive benefits; we give 10 percent discounts to teachers, students, firefighters, members of the military or veterans, and repeat customers. Find your category and get a discount!

We try to make our professional data recovery service and our customer service seamless. We are dedicated to guaranteed service for each client and each job. This is backed by our no data, no charge policy on the labor. After 14 years of business we have a 95 percent success rate, and a myriad of great reviews on Google+ and Yelp.


As many consumers know, finding good parking in the city isn’t always easy. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, you name it, parking can be difficult to find and expensive. We offer plenty of free parking for our customers. We want them to be able to get in, get the help they need and get back to their planned activities for the day. This is just one of the ways we show our customers that we care. Our floor staff is instructed to offer cold bottle water to customers who come in to drop off their failed hard drives or other storage devices. For our Orange County data recovery customers please note that parking is free for the first 20 minutes. Should your visit be longer please remember to validate your parking ticket. If you forget, simply email your customer service representative along with your case number and it will be refunded.

What We Do

Our company utilizes the most advanced data recovery technology to give our company the edge as an industry leader. Here at Orange County Data Recovery, Inc., we believe that every member of our team should be thoroughly trained so they can use the best data recovery techniques to successfully complete any job. We have the reviews to prove it. Yelp has become a trusted source for reviews, check them out.

To stay on the cutting edge, we are constantly improving our workflow and equipment so that they stay efficient and up to date. It takes a lot experience to be able to recover data from all types of digital storage after they fail. Though we are capable to work with all storage types, our expertise is in hard drive recovery and RAID data recovery. We stand apart from other companies. Sometimes they take unnecessary risks with your data. Some of these risky actions damage your storage device even further. We have spent a lot of time and money on our recovery process to ensure that is relatively risk-free and successful.

How We Do It

As data recovery professionals, we know the success of our process depends almost entirely on our tools. We use a Class 100 clean room that prevents any kind of dust, dirt, humidity and any other contaminating particles from entering the internal mechanisms of a damaged hard drive. If we didn’t have a data recovery clean room your hard drive(s) would be at risk from contamination.

We demand that highest quality data recovery equipment and the most satisfactory performance by our employees. Data recovery jobs require the ability to find and focus on specific problems in a device, and the expertise to create a corresponding plan for recovery. These recovery skills require a balance of physical repair, electrical, mechanical and software repair. We know, no matter who you are, your data is highly important and recovering it, uncorrupted, is the highest priority. The last thing you want is years of your work or family images to be gone forever in the blink of an eye. Our unique focus on data recovery allows us to keep that from happening. We know that process like the back of our hands.

Our technicians have had experience recovering data from a wide range of disasters. We are confident that they can meet any challenge presented to them. They have worked hard to earn the trust of many loyal customers. We are also adamant about giving our customers the best service we can. We want to be timely, affordable, and the most friendly tech guys you’ll ever meet. If you have a data disaster, come by Orange County Data Recovery, Inc. Both you and your data will be glad you did.